VENDORS – Fees Information

NOTE: No water to be sold at any of the event 

Vendors are encouraged to make payment online. Spacing will be strictly adhered to. Should your business require more than the pre-measured space, you will be charged per additional space needed.

  • Vendors fees are paid per event
  • Fees includes a $25 event permits and a $25 health inspection permits required by City of Trenton, NJ
  • All Vendors cooking food on the premises OR using any type of fire or cooking apparatus will be REQUIRED to obtain a County Fire Permit for an additional fee (for assistance, contact TAACC Vendor committee).

Note:  Vendors are required to bring Tables, Chairs, Tents, Electricity, Clean up, or any item that is required by statute as outlined in the Fire and Health Permits. TAACC does NOT provide any equipment required to run your vending station.

Payments and Applications Post Marked after the event payment deadlines will be considered late. A $25 Late Fee will be assessed to those applicants.