All vendors interested in participating in one or all of the scheduled festivities must complete the AACC Summer Soul Festival – 2018 Summer Event Series Vendor Application.

Upon careful consideration of your application and initialed Terms of Agreement, a Vendor Committee Member will contact you with your approval status and any additional details that may follow. Please be advised that submission of this application alone does not guarantee your acceptance as a vendor for either event. However, failure to submit a completed application along with City required Vendor Permit forms and proper payment could result in your application being rescinded.

All vendor fees include City Permit costs. If cooking items on the premises, the vendor will be responsible for the County Fire Marshall fees. Costs to vend are as follows:

All vending prices are PER EVENT. The City of Trenton requires a new permit for each event.





1: Download and complete your application today (click > AACC Summer Soul Festival – 2018 Summer Event Series Vendor Application )

2. Next, Email your completed application to

3. Make payment for selected vending options ( see application and below for your options ). Once your application and payment is received, you will receive notice confirming your registration.

4. Don’t forget to read and sign the “Terms of Agreement” .




Option 1: Make an online payment of your total as per your application

Option 2: Payments made via regular mail in the form of Money Order or Certified Check and mailed to:

ATTN: Vendor Committee

20 South Montgomery St. PO Box 8

Trenton, NJ 08608


Payments and Applications Post Marked after the event payment deadlines will be considered late. A $25 Late Fee will be assessed to those applicants.