A glorious festival in Cadwalader Park

Trenton’s grand Cadwalader Park was the setting for the recent African American Pride Festival (“Trenton residents show off their African-American pride with an all-day festival in Cadwalader Park,” Aug. 21). From the stage flowed different genres of music, speeches and performance. A spirit of pride, history, community and celebration existed among the large crowd. Old acquaintances reunited. New acquaintances began. There were activities for children and families. Many organizations were represented.

It was rewarding to see the talent of so many Trenton artists and community members and visitors. I grew up in Trenton; Cadwalader Park is part of my history. Long ago, my family spent many idyllic Saturday afternoons at the park. I remember Balloon Man, the pavilion, the whirly-round, the bears, the monkey house. I remember rolling down the park’s grassy hills in the warm months and sledding down those same hills during the winter months. I remember feeding ends of bread to the ducks, admiring the lovely deer in the compound and climbing on the canon.

Thanks to all who made the Trenton African American Pride Festival a reality. It was a significant event, and Cadwalader Park was a gracious host.

— Sylvia Brown-Roberts, Trenton The writer is an author and a retired Trenton public school teacher.