Entertainment/Marketing Chair

Lenienne “Nina” Robinson, the daughter of Mr. Gene and Mrs. Sarah Bouie was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. Lenienne affectionately known to many as “Nina”, a proud Trentonian, was educated in the Trenton Public School system. Nina learned responsibility, self-respect and the willingness to assist others at an early age and contributes those teaching to her roots of being raised in Trenton.

Nina is a single and proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Rai Sien Robinson and A’Joule Giovannetti who keep her humbled and grounded. Nina is determined to pass her love for community and motivation to assist others onto her daughters.

Nina has taken her passion for assisting those less fortunate than herself as very serious one. Realizing her obsession to help others she has organized many community outreach events which include but not limited to food drives, coat, hat and scarf drives and feeding the homeless. Ms. Dawkins believes her enthusiasm to better her community is a gift from GOD and she is determined not to let her gift be desecrated. Because of her proud heritage and love for her community Nina has organized and assisted with clean-up programs for many neighborhoods within the city of Trenton. “I have always worked in my community and feel it is my assignment and responsibility to assist in the community any way I can.”

Because of her love for the betterment of the city of Trenton Nina along with her partner Yolanda “Landy” Robinson have generated LAFF OUT LOUD BY NINA AND LANDY which provides adult entertainment for residence of Trenton and surrounding communities to come out and enjoy laughter on a monthly basis.

Nina’s philosophy on community and willingness to serve is as follows: “I never do anything expecting to get praise or awards for what I have done. I give freely from my heart and I never do anything for profit. I truly want to see our community grow to its true potential. I believe that one day my work; our work will make Trenton a Spectacular Place to reside… I believe with the proper leadership, education, and future businesses endeavors it will help our community grow and assist the people who are in need the most.”

Nina volunteers her time with many organizations within the City of Trenton. She is a board member of the Never Give Up organization where she serves as the Public Relations Chairwoman. Ms. Dawkins is also a member of the Trenton Citywide Community Events Committee which organizes the annual Community Christmas Toy Drive and Easter Egg Hunt. Additonally, she was Decorations Chairwoman for the Inaugural Celebration for Trenton’s Mayor Jackson .She was also an organizer for the Mayor’s Free Christmas Concert where proceeds benefitted the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.

Nina serves as an Executive Board member and Entertainment/Marketing Chair for the African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County.